Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Public Relations and New Media

Just got back from the presentation about public relations and new media at Larrence Academic Center. Here we learned about what public relations do and examples of such like journalism, image control, publicity stunts, and campaigns. Also, the audience was taught the differences between advertisement and public relations. Then near the end the speaker mentioned how media affects public relations. She did a great job sharing her information and I do in fact feel like I learned something after listening to her lecture. My favorite part had to be either when she showed a Charmin's Youtube video because it was pretty funny or how public relations is incorporated into websites like Facebook and Wikipedia because that bit was very eye opening. I had forgotten how corporations really can show off their products literally everywhere. Overall, the presentation was well done and she kept the entire class involved. I wish her the best of luck getting a teaching position here at North Central College.

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