Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Almighty Google

The Google Search Engine plays an important role to my daily life. I use it to help me with my homework, spell check words, find directions to places, to figure out the name of songs with bits of lyrics, and sometimes to just search for something completely random when I am trying to kill time. Basically, I use it multiple times everyday. Does this make me an addict? I wouldn't say so. I've spent weeks without Google and have been completely fine. Google is just more of a convenience in my life. I don't think there's a problem with Google being everywhere either or that it is used by so many people. Due to its power and capabilities, life is a lot easier. It saves us time while working giving us more free time for other more important things like friends and family. In fact I think one could argue that it's not powerful enough and still has room to grow as a search engine. As I said earlier, I don't think we are dependent on Google. Humans have lived without it and still can. The question really is why not rely on it? It makes life a lot less stressful and easier to navigate. We should embrace what Google has to offer.

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