Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Reaction to Rebecca Blood's Interview

I know we only need to read one of the blogger interviews, but I thought I'd skim through all of them. Surprisingly enough, most of the Bloggers had similar responses to Blood's questions. The group of people have some sort of career that is either writing or internet based. Also, all of their lives revolve around checking their blogs periodically throughout the day, some spending more than a third of their day on the internet. New to blogs, I myself am wondering if having a Bloggers account will make me even more addicted to the internet. Have any of you guys been surfing the web like there's no tomorrow like the interviewees thanks to your new created blog?


  1. Karl--First of all, glad you finally worked out your issues with the blog. I do think it is interesting that most successful bloggers have some sort of career that involves either writing (journalism, academia) or the Internet (software engineer, graphic designer, etc.). There are very few bloggers who work in trades like, say, gardening or carpentry or plumbing. That is a shame, because I think blogs about those topics could actually provide people with lots of valuable information.

  2. I definitely agree. Before this class I had very little knowledge about blogging or really what it even was, but now I'm starting to really like it. I've found blogs for interests I have like video games, sports, and music. It's fun learning and just even talking to other people about such specific common interests. Your right, everyone should give blogging a shot whether that person be a computer whiz or a gardener.