Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Question For Everyone In The Class!

I know Blogging is a lot about posting and sharing information with others, but for this post I'm sorta asking for information from you. I'm just curious what your guys majors are and what you'd like to do with them. Mostly due to curiosity and possibly to inspire others. Hit me with what you've got!!


  1. Major: B.S. Computer Science & Mathematics

    Plans for right after I leave NCC: graduate school in theoretical CS

    Plans for further down the road: something theory/research oriented, though I'm not sure if it will be in industry or academia

  2. Major: English Writing with minors in Interactive Media studies and French.

    Future plans include: graduating, working in the publishing industry, and avoiding grad-school ;) I'd like to work as an editor and/or a literary agent...and write my own books too, of course!


  3. Hi Karl,

    What a good prompt! I hope you get lots of replies.

    I'm an IMS major with a minor in Anthropology. I'll probably do something that uses new media to tell underrepresented peoples' stories, in hopes of helping to bridge the digital divide. As the "older" student in our class, I'm not too worried about what I'll be when I grow up. For now I'm just enjoying school for what I'm learning in my classes, and if I get to put it to use that will be even better.