Monday, March 7, 2011

New Episodes of Rocket Power, Doug, Rugrats, Hey Arnold, the Angry Beavers are being produced!

Talk about a blast from our past. You all have to defintely check this article out!

Jacob Suarez
Online Editor
Teenagers can finally rejoice because they now will be receiving what they have been talking about for years. For awhile now teens have been wishing that Nickelodeon will finally put their favorite cartoons back on the air and now their wish will come true.
Starting March 14, 2011, Nickelodeon will go back into the studios to produce new episodes for classic cartoons such as: Rocket Power, Doug, Rugrats, Hey Arnold, the Angry Beavers, and many more.
Cyma Zarghami, who runs the television station was quoted saying, "We have noticed a significant drop in ratings since our show from the late 1990's. We have strayed from our cartoons and we believe that was our biggest mistake. We have contacted the producers from these shows and we were able to work out a deal to get them back to making new episodes."
It is not known whether or not the shows will try to create new concepts for the characters, or if they will pick up from where they left off years ago. Rumors have been circulating that the kids in the shows have now aged and will be moving on with their lives. For instance, the gang from Rocket Power now have taken the leap into their teenage years and now attend high school in Ocean Shores, or Arnold and his pals from Hey Arnold, have now moved on from elementary school to middle school in New York.
Whatever new ideas they bring to the table they will be welcomed with open arms and hopefully they can remove the bad taste in our mouths from terrible shows that are on Nick now like iCarly, Big Time Rush, and TUFF Puppy.
Zarghami has not stated if the shows will be brought back full time or if it is making a comeback for a limited time to revitalize the Nickelodeon networks poor reputation in the new Millennium for cartoons and other shows. After the last episode of Rocket Power was aired, kids thought the only hope for Nickelodeon was Spongebob Squarepants but even that once great cartoon has had its own fall from grace.
Teenagers have wanted to show kids now-a-days what a real cartoon is made of but never had the evidence to convince these pups. Starting next month; these kids are in for the surprise of their lives


  1. I can't believe this! What good shows. It was a shame they went off the air anyway. I probably won't be able to bring myself to watch an episode because there is no way they can live up to the past. And adolescent Rocket Power just seems wrong! But pretty interesting. I guess we grew up in the prime of cartoons! ( :

  2. That would be soooo cool! I love Hey Arnold! It could be like Friends!!! Lol! :-)