Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Winter Term.....The Least Best Term?

I was sitting around with a couple friends today and we were talking about how excited we were that winter term is slowly coming to an end. It's not that we don't like our classes we are taking right now, it's more a collection of other things. Most people take the largest load of classes and more of their difficult classes during winter term because they expect to be stuck inside all day. Due to this, people always have a lot more homework to do compared to fall and spring term and less free time to hang out. Also, pretty obviously, the weather sucks. With the exception of this week, it's usually freezing out and walking to class is awful. The school spends a lot of it's activity funding at the beginning of the year too, so winter we usually just get a bunch of comedians or student created games. We came to this scientific conclusion: Fall Term=Spring Term>>>>>>bunnies>>>>>>doing taxes>>>>>>winter term


  1. Yeah, I have the same question: Bunnies!?!?! But seriously, Winter term is always one of the harder terms for me. I get tired and cranky and a bit moody after 3 months without sun. And then when I have to shovel two tons of snow every other week, I get even crankier. That makes it difficult for me to get "up" for my classes. I'm infinitely more energetic-- and probably a better teacher-- in Fall and Spring.