Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Effects of the Digital Generation on the Youth

New media surrounds our daily lives and is inescapable. We use it dozens of times a day, sometimes without even really realizing it. I myself love the possibilities technology has to offer, but is it good for the youth? I think, for the most part, it has a more positive effect than negative effect on children. The internet opens up new knowledge that is easy to access for school work. Phones keep kids more connected with their friends and make it easier for parents to reach them. Technology for video games and music gives them a way to be creative and find themselves. The parents that are worrisome are the parents who are afraid of change. The same kind of parents who were afraid of rock and roll or the same kind of parents who were afraid of television. As long as the parents are responsible and monitor their children's technology intake there is no problem. Just balance it with having your kids play outside and then use password protection for inappropriate material. 


  1. I agree with you up to a point, Karl. But aren't there some video games and websites that are just much too graphic/violent/sexual for young children? Kids with smart phones-- like my daughter-- don't even need to use their parents' computers to access this sort of content. I personally think the web site operators should do something to protect very young kids from certain sorts of material...

  2. All video games are given an ESRB rating, similar to how movies ares rated. Games with graphic violence and sexual themes are rated M for mature and can be only purchased by someone who is at least 17 years of age. As far as websites, you're right, a child with an iphone could go to any website they like. However, it's really the parents digression. You trust your daughter with owning an iphone and how she chooses to use it. A child not responsible enough to stay off of dangerous websites or understands the dangers of websites really isn't mature enough to own a smart phone. Perhaps I'm being little biased. I didn't have a phone till 8th grade and it was a simple flip phone. I'm also not a parent and don't have children so I don't have first hand knowledge of childrens' desires for technological materials, but having a younger sister haha, I could see where problems could arise.